The Center for Robotics and Intelligent Machines at Georgia Tech is an interdisciplinary unit involving the College of Computing, College of Engineering and Georgia Tech Research Institute. RIM@Georgia Tech is helping define the new face of computing through a unique emphasis on education and research providing a theoritcal and applied expirence to graduates.


Seminar - Oct. 5 Pronobis on Semantic Mapping

Andrzej Pronobis will be giving a talk on mobile robots and semantic mapping. This will be in addition to our previsouly planned seminar on Wednesday at noon. Room number for the talk is still TBA. Check seminar mailing list for room number announcment.


'Rescue' robots could save lives in fires

UPI - August 11, 2011. Smart, mobile robots could safely guide people from a burning building or alert emergency personnel to injured or trapped people, U.S. researchers say. Georgia Institute of Technology electrical engineers Ayanna Howard and Paul Robinette say they envision "smart" roving exit signs that could lead people through blinding smoke to exits and even return inside to seek out stragglers, reported Thursday. Static signs indicate exit locations but can't warn people when an exit is blocked or unsafe, the researchers said.


Crisis robots show people to emergency exits

New Scientist - August 3, 2011. What should you do when alarms are ringing, the building is rapidly filling with smoke and the crackle of fire is just round the corner? Follow the robot, say Ayanna Howard and Paul Robinette, researchers at the Center for Robotics and Intelligent Machines at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, who want to create smart roving exit signs. . . .Howard and Robinette say the robots should be at least as tall as a human, so that they can be seen in a crowd, and styled after familiar exit signs with lights and arrows to guide the way.